Printing & Copying & Scanning Services

  • Newly established Centralized Printing, Copying an scanning services are available in Faculty building, { Ground Floor AG69, 1st Floor A163, 2nd Floor A265 } once you sent a print job you can take your print-out’s from any of them.
  • Those multifunction devices are working with your University ID Card or your username and password.
  • Your Print job will be available to take it for 24 hours, during this period your print jobs are not accessible by others.
  • If you wish you may upload your print job from web page (this service available only in campus network)
  • Also you may submit the print job to then it will be ready to get any of above listed Multi-Function devices in Copy Rooms for 24 hours.
  • You may cancel the print jobs over the MF devices screens. Or system will delete them automatically when they expire in 24 hours.
  • You can send your scanned documents to your university e-mail account directly.
  • You can monitor your defined quota over web address. You can send your quota requests to or you can call 2160 phone number for urgent matters. Once your pre-defined quota is full you will be notified by system automatically.
  • Papers in the printers are there for copying and printing only. Should you need additional paper, please request from